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Mathieu Sherburne

Air Force Veteran

Software Engineer

My Skills

Software Development

Web Development
Mobile Development

Data Science

Machine Learning
Data Visualization

Data Strategy

Project Management
Data Governance
Data Driven Decision Making

My Story

Passion for Programming & Lifelong Learning

My journey in tech began in a quaint New Hampshire town, where I discovered a deep passion for Python programming. At the age of 10, I was already engaged in online computer science and Python courses, crafting my first projects like the Caesar Cipher. These early achievements ignited a relentless pursuit of knowledge. By 13, I had created my first encryption algorithm, marking the beginning of an ongoing journey in programming.

Leveraging Skills in the Air Force

Enlisting in the Air Force at 17, I transitioned from an enthusiastic programmer to an intelligence analyst. This role revealed the depth of my niche in coding. Within just a year, I enhanced operational processes using my programming skills, leading to my involvement in the innovative DCGS data program. This period was pivotal, expanding my skill set to include web development and applying my Python expertise to modernize data platforms with ArcGIS. My contributions significantly advanced the technical capabilities of my unit.

From Technical Expertise to Strategic Impact

My career took a strategic turn as I stepped into the role of a data strategist. Moving beyond technical skills, I focused on the sustainable development of both data and talent within my unit. I pioneered a Python course, setting a precedent that was adopted by other units. Collaborating with AFRL, I was instrumental in deploying full-stack applications, revolutionizing data solutions and custom software development for the Air Force. This endeavor was not just about technological advancement; it represented a significant, lasting impact in data strategy and talent development.

Looking Ahead

As I approach a new chapter in my career, the diverse roles I've held - from intelligence analysis to software and data engineering - have been crucial in my professional growth. Each position has sharpened my skills, preparing me for future challenges in the tech industry. My journey ahead is about leveraging these experiences to foster innovation and excellence in my forthcoming endeavors.

Recent Projects